Obesity and Our Ancestors

My father has this annoying way of throwing in a sentence to each and every conversation that we have.  It goes like this “when I was growing up…”  although the end of it changes depend on the discussion the jist is always the same.  But as I think about it one of his when I was growing up statements has some truth to it “When I was growing up obesity wasn’t a problem there where no fat people and if they where fat they where very healthy” he typically says that with conviction along with the no one died of cancer, heart attacks, etc.

But with his obesity comment he might have it right.  Our ancestors where hunter-gatherers and they ate very little sugar now a days according to studies we eat about a third of a pound of sweetener a day and although we eat the about the same amount of fat it’s the “bad” or saturated fat that we eat.

In less than 40 years our diets have changed drastically.  Studies state that 50% of the money we make goes to eating out.  Not to mention the fact that our foods now a day are loaded with chemicals and again sugar and sodium.  You look at labels and you’ll see fructose, sucrose, etc. in just about everything.

And of course to put the icing on the cake with all the great technology we don’t even spend much time outside. Everyone is inside watching tv, playing on the computer, chatting, etc. 

So my dad is on to something he’s right in his day obesity rates where almost non existent because they where outside in the field food was cooked at home sugar was a treat not a staple in food. 

We need to step back a bit and try the home cooking and getting outdoors and eliminating added sugars and bad fats to our diets.


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