And in the begining

According to Forbes the US ranks at #9 for having the highest percentage of overweight people ages 15 and up in the world.  The #1 country is a small country called Nauru which the US again according to Forbes outranks in population by over 20,000 people this means that technically we probably rank as #1 in the obesity chart.

I’m not an expert I’m not a doctor, a specialist or therapist but I know what it’s like to be obese. I use to weigh 280lbs and at 5”2 I struggled with everyday things as simple as walking up the steps at home.  Shopping was insane I hated going shopping because I couldn’t find anything that fit and when I did it wasn’t the nicest outfit and boy taking a stroll through a plus size clothing shop now a days simple amazes me everything is stylish and trendy but that wasn’t the case when I was a younger and I remember clearly the frustration of not finding something that fits.

 Sparrow News is a way to give out a little support to those who are pre or post op, considering the surgery, trying to lose weight on their own and even those people that are overweight and feeling fit, healthy and well. 

If you’re looking for support, information or want to share your own story email me at  I look foward to hearing from everyone.


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