Welcome to Sparrow News

 I started the process of my weight loss almost 7 years ago.  At the point of making the life changing decision I was 33 years old, a single mom and didn’t know anyone who had, had the surgery.  Every thing I learned about weight loss surgery was learned through website, chatrooms and foot work.

It was hard because here I was embarking on this journey alone and not only did I not know anyone who had the surgery I also was met with resists from those around me about even getting the surgery done in the first place.  It wasn’t an easy decision especially when I had my mom who is also obese crying about my death. Your going to die, why can’t you just stay the way you are is what I heard a lot.  What prompted me to go ahead and have the surgery? Well the truth was I had already died a little inside and if I continued  the way I was eventually the obesity would do me in.  At 33 I weighed 280 lbs, needed a cane to walk, suffered from Asthma, High Blood Pressure and was borderline diabetic.

Eventually about 2 weeks before my scheduled surgery date I found a small support group that I attended, many of the people there having the gastric bypass or the lapband placed and most of them struggling with their new life style.  After my surgery most of my support was through this very small group and through research and websites.  Unfortunately the small size of the group made it difficult to continue and eventually it disbanded.

And here I am 7 years later and that support seems to be harder to find.  As a result of this I have decided to start a small printed newsletter for those who are post or pre op and those who have struggle with weight, eating issues and physical fitness.

The newsletter is called Sparrow News and will be having its debut in August the month of my official 7th year anniversary. 

I’m looking for contributors for the newsletter.

If you want to share your expertise in

  • Fitness
  • Healthy
  • Eating/Food/Cooking
  • Mental health
  • Fashion
  • Even tattoo artist and body modification experts

let me know this is a great way to plug yourself, business or expert advice. 

We also have sponsorships available for $25 we will place your business size card ad on the newsletter. 

This newsletter will be distributed to hospitals, doctor office, and businesses in the Fairfield and Westchester County area to start and we plan to expand as time permits.

If your interested in contributing to the newsletter or sponsoring please contact me at sparrow@stilettoteez.com.


One response to “Welcome to Sparrow News

  1. Very interesting article, thanks. Keep up the good work.

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